The important role of 18650 lithium battery pack

With more and more applications of 18650, the role of 18650 battery pack becomes more and more obvious. Generally speaking, 18650 lithium battery pack has the following advantages.
1. Wide application range.

It is used in notebook computers, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instrumentation, audio equipment, model airplanes, automobiles, camcorders, digital cameras and other electronic equipment.

2. It can be flexibly combined in series or parallel to form a 18650 lithium battery pack.
3. Small internal resistance.
The internal resistance of polymer batteries is smaller than that of ordinary liquid batteries. The internal resistance of domestic polymer batteries can even be below 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery and extends the standby time of the mobile phone. The level of world integration. This kind of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current is an ideal choice for remote control models and has become the most promising commodity to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries.
4. There is no recall effect.
It is not necessary to empty the remaining power before charging, which is convenient to use.
5. High voltage.

The voltage of 18650 lithium battery is usually 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.2V, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.

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